Normally I am not a tech writer. However, this was bugging me. I will start off my telling you how I came to doing this. I was trying to log in to YouTube using my Chrome like I normally do. However, I kept getting error message and YouTube have a big message something went wrong come back. I try login on another browser Internet Explorer and I had no problem. This is the first time ever that Chrome was doing this to me. I have used it for years and never had a problem. So I don’t know what may have change that, only that I wrote about Google in another post. I decide to try using something else behind Google search from now on.

Someone told me about a new search engine DuckDuckGo and I decide to give a try. The layout is very simple and I prefer DuckDuckGo mainly because of how the search did on my business Maria Hargis Art. It look like it understand that my search is a business so it priority the search base off a customer would want to buy art. The order:

  1. My website
  2. About page on my website
  3. My Etsy shop

So from the image above, you can see from the first page, that I have wrote a comic series Nocturnal Orphan. A little about me where it tell you have a Facebook group for my fans: Maria Hargis Art Fan Group and it tell you my Twitter username is @hargis_maria. Than it tell you that I am an artist that love acrylic as a media, what subject matter I paint, and it tell you a little what I like such as “I am a nerd and proud of it.” From this first page, it have described me in a nut shell.

Google have change my search so many time in the past when it come to searching Maria Hargis Art. This time I did the search Maria Hargis Art, my website comes up with the a different layout. Because Google like to keep changing how my search are done when I check up on them. I decide to look what it would be on my phone. Than you have to scroll down a little bit and the order after my website is:

  1. VA Comic Con, Dec 8, 2018 Comicon in Richmond &Fairfax! Virginia Comic Con with a picture of Angie and the blue dragons painting I did.
  2. Facebook, Maria Hargis Art page with 58 like, and not update. It is 59 likes.
  3. Instagram, Maria Hargis Art with followers of 184 which again not up to date. I have a 194 followers.

This is another version on my computer using FireFox (because I don’t true Chrome). After it shows my website and image here is what it look like when you scroll down:

  1. Va Comicon (same as what the phone found)
  2. Facebook: Maria Hargis Art and again got my likes wrong and say I am a Pubic Figure???
  3. Facebook: Maria Hargis Art and this time the same page but it change my like to 57!!!!! And still have been as a Public Figure???
  4. Facebook: Maria Hargis Art and it is title about but does not show any about information and again say I am a Public Figure??
  5. Instagram: Maria Hargis Art (Instagram is own by Facebook) and my followers are wrong again saying I have 184 followers when my followers count is 194.

You know at first I was going to just review DuckDuckGo vs Google but now it is looking more and more that Google is being dishonor about it search. They have been trying to get me to used there Google Ads but I would not want to use them when I see things like this. The fact that it show Facebook on the whole first page of the search, it is using my name to direct people to Facebook. This does make sense with what I have been reading for instant the Justice Department (DOJ) is preparing a potential antitrust investigation involving Google.

I may not have a large followers base like a public figure would have; however, it is not a good idea to do this kind misleading information that is not true. Because it may just spark to me to write about it and for other to do the same. The numbers of followers I have may not matter to Google but it does matter to me. This search make it look like I am losing followers which is the opposite.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, @hargis_maria (follower count 46); Facebook Business page: Maria Hargis Art(follower count 59); Facebook community page; Maria Hargis (follower count 109); Instagram: @mariahargisart (follower count 194). I will update the count on the next blog to document my information.

I am also two other smaller platform: Vero as Maria Hargis, and Minds as sakiLeo.

I was going to cover DuckDuckGo vs Google when search Comics, but I will do that as part II. Oh, and don’t worry I have capture the image I need for this one too. So if Google decide to change their search, I will capture that too.

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